Ki training, and the associated martial art of Ki-Aikido

As many of you know, I have trained a method of relaxation, calmness and mental and physical concentration training called Ki training, and the associated martial art of Ki-Aikido for many years.  I have personally received tremendous benefits from the training, and feel that the training has helped me to become a healthier and  better person and a better doctor.  The training focuses on posture, relaxation, and a positive mind.

For the first time in many years, Tabata Sensei, the Chief Instructor of the NW Ki Federation, and my personal instructor,  is teaching Ki  Class  and Aikido Thursday, Sept. 11th, from  7 to 9:30, in our  Eugene Dojo. The class is free and  open to everyone We invite all of you to participate.  Bring your family, friends, and work associates that may be interested. No previous training experience is needed.

Ki class, from 7 - 8 pm, is open to all, those currently training as well as new students.  Sensei will be working on fundamental training in mind and body coordination, and its application to daily life.  His lessons will be useful for all of us, whether we have trained for years, or are new to Ki Development.

Aikido class will follow, and is open to all adults (12 years and older) that are actively training, or have been in the recent past.  Again, the focus will be on fundamentals.  The training will help all of us better understand the application of Ki to Aikido.  For those of you not up to a lot of kneeling or rolling, you can still participate, and limit your kneeling, rolling and falling to what is healthful to you.  If you have any questions concerning your or your child's participation, please reply for guidance.

Tabata Sensei (8th degree Black Belt, Ki Lecturer)  brought Ki-Aikido to Oregon in 1970, and formed the Oregon Ki Society, a non-profit organization, in 1974. His level of experience and proficiency makes him a world leader in all aspects of Ki and Aikido training. He is widely recognized as the best English-speaking instructor of Shin

Shin Toitsu Ki and Aikido in the world. We are fortunate to host his visit, and I hope all of our current and previous students and friends will attend these classes. 

Whether you are an active student, have been thinking or getting back into training, or simply have an interest in mental and physical relaxation, living life without conflict,  and the use of Ki, , we hope you will attend.   It is our hope Sensei's visit will lead others to  participate with the Eugene Dojo in pursuit of their own training, to the benefit of their health, happiness and effectiveness in their own lives. 

Thank you, and hope to see you on Sept. 11th. Arrive 10-15 minutes early in advance of the 7 PM class. The Dojo is at 1071 W. 7th Street.  There is no charge for attending the classes.  The dojo phone number is 541 683 5089.

Sincerely yours,

Terry Copperman, M.D.

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